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Mulch can really add to the aesthetics of your landscape, but its most important function is to help keep the root zone of your plants moist - something that pebbles or plastic don't do. We have mulch available for delivery or pick-up in bulk or in bags.  We also offer several alternatives to help add extra life to traditional mulch.

Dyed Mulch

The downfall of mulch is that it must be replaced at least once per year to keep it looking great.  Or does it?  At Xpectations we are constantly trying to find ways to help keep more money in your wallet, and dyed mulch is one way that we can accomplish this. Dyed mulch is created by hand-selecting certain hardwood mulch with consistent texture, and then treating it with a non-toxic vegetable dye.  Dyed mulch is guaranteed to hold its color and is safe for children, pets, and your plants.


If you already have mulch in place, but the sun's rays have faded that once beautiful color - let Xpectations' trained staff treat your mulch with Nu-Mulch.  Nu-Mulch restores the color and finish to your existing mulch for up to 6 months and is cheaper than replacing your mulch.  Nu-Mulch contains a UV inhibitor to significantly reduce the bleaching effect of sunlight on your mulch.  To help put life back into your landscape set up a free evaluation today!

Xpectations is licensed and insured up to 4 million dollars.  For a free no-obligation estimate click here.

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