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At Xpectations we know firewood.  Since the price of fuel oil and gas have skyrocketed in the last few years many people have returned to one of our few renewable resources: firewood.  Consider your savings when burning firewood: as a rule of thumb, a two-ton cord of hardwood yields about the same usable heat as 200 gallons of heating oil, a ton of hard coal, or about 4000 kilowatts of electricity.

You never have to worry that firewood from Xpectations has been taken from the area's forests. All of our firewood comes from trees or limbs in this area that we have been hired to remove from our clients' yards because they have outgrown their surroundings.  We age this hand-selected wood to perfection and never sell it before its time.   Let us know what you plan to do with the wood and we can make a custom cord of firewood up for you.  Whether you plan to heat your home or just have a fire to sit by on a romantic evening we have the right firewood for you.  Xpectations has over 200 cords of firewood available for immediate delivery.  We will deliver your wood right to your door, or you can come and pick it up at our location.  If desired we will even stack your wood for you.  Call us today to set up your next firewood delivery and let us Xceed your Xpectations.

Here is what we currently offer:         

  • Full cord (4ftx4ftx8ft) - $190(approx. 250 cords available)
  • Half cord (4ftx4ftx4ft) - $125
  • Quarter cord (4ftx4ftx2ft) - $80
  • Full cord - oak only - $225 
  • Stove Cut (15' maximum length) $210  (Approx. 20 cords available)
  • Seasoned (aged for a minimum 12 month)
  • Wholesale or Retail
  • Bulk Discounts (12 cord or more)
  • BTU Energy Chart Click Here!
  • Splitter Rental (click here)
  • Fireplace Accessories (click here!) 

Everything you wanted to know about firewood!! 

Xpectations is licensed and insured up to 4 million dollars.  For a free no-obligation estimate click here.



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